Cloud Accounting System suitable for Business

Accounting is essential for business whether which way you’re really going to accomplish it. This may be manually or systematic as per needs you can choose the suitable method. But traditional path is somewhat overwhelming your working time on manually processes accounting works. So latest and most trending method can assists to handle entire accounts properly without create any trouble or inconvenient, that method is cloud accounting system.

Easy Generation process

When you’re providing financial statements to your clients for offering products/services or may be contract whatever it is these things up to business. Generate invoices/bills processes are easily undertaken from it. This output completely fill with your own creativity and looks professional touch.

Fill with crucial stuff

Well, cloud based accounting software have what are the things essential for manage accounts. They can offers like Invoicing, Expense Reports, Estimates, Ledger, Sales Receipts and more. So don’t go different portal for take care each accounts activities.

Uncomplicated Flows

We can’t predict whether business organizers are familiar with the accounting. Sometimes they do but not sure cent percent. Accounting software can overcome this situation because if users are well know about accounting processes or not. This application flows are easily understandable but don’t go any complex software. Better try to begin with the simple and easy for use.

Pay Smart

Nowadays accounting software provide some kind of payment options for make your customers more comfortable on payments. It supports different payment gateways few are Stripe, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Zipmark, and also cash, check options. This assists to improve cash flows, customers pay quickly through any of these methods as per their choice.    

Invest pretty Low

Cloud accounting is cost effective for business. If you’re planning to spend little bit for technology. Better you can check out cloud based accounting software.


Wholesales distribution Business

Top 4 Reasons Wholesale Distribution Business Need a Inventory System

Today many newer methods released for reducing purchasers time and money. For instance, whenever we go shopping for buy need things mostly everyone expectation is to get all items in one place. Like that much online shopping portal is there it helps to fulfill our requirements. Now onwards talk about user’s point of view next we going to begin our steps about wholesales business owners.

Everyone knows about wholesales distribution is not uncomplicated business. Many small processes also give more importance otherwise it ends with sales drop, management confusions and sometimes fail may occur. Nothing to worry about this difficulties because many technologies are available to overcome this problem. This wholesales distribution processes will easily handle with the help of inventory management system.

Top Reasons

Stock Maintenance

This is wholesales business so tons and tons of products are available in their warehouse. So proper maintenance is must, how many products now available, in & out of products records then only you have to easily manage all products.


Based on companies, materials are ordered and received from their suppliers. To keep track of suppliers process without fail.


Sometimes consumers order bulk of products, this time you can easily provide purchase order for what are the products customers needs. This document contains details of product or services, supplier information.


Through this inventory management system to manage all products incoming and outgoing details, this system will assist to reduce work burden of employees, less time to keep track all activities and cut down management cost of company.


Take a look at inventory management with cost effective and more integrated application. Because it helps to manage both inventory, sales and management activities. Try Apptivo, this helps to handle all inventory process without facing any trouble.


2016 Trends in small business Technology

Each year new trends raised it creates great impact in the business. Nowadays technology development increases rapidly so business peoples & entrepreneurs, adapt to new trends and apply into their business. Now we discuss about modern trends in the small business technology that is cloud based software.

Many small business owners thinking is moving traditional methods into the latest technology. They are interested in managing their businesses well organized. Many surveys results say 70-80% of small business owners searching for cloud based software and willing to invest in technology. So they plan to install the cloud technology.

Plenty of cloud service providers available in outside each and every tool has some unique features to manage the business process. Before selecting the software to collect all information about that tools, to analyse software it suitable to your requirements, flexible, integrated, pricing, check for features, etc. These options are essential for business management. So try to give more importance of above criteria.

Most of them thinking is software that suitable to their necessity, affordable, ideal to use. If you are looking for affordable cloud based application, I think Apptivo is perfect.

Apptivo is a cloud-based software with integration of more than 50+apps, this business suite helps to manage the business. It helps to run a small business on a single platform.

For more product information check it out :


To run a small business is not an easy task. Depend on customers necessity to provide the services, so cloud-based software lead your business into success path.

Human Resource Management System

Human resource is the person who selects candidates for an organization, choose the right person for the right position, manage organization needs and properly maintain proper relations with laborers, employees health and welfare, career development, design innovative workflow, employees training and development program etc. New employees enter into organization up to employees relieve, many works for the human resource manager .If they use any management system to reduce work of manage all process. Now we see about Apptivo Human Resource Management system.


Persons apply for jobs in the organization first of all collect all personal details, qualification, working experience or freshers, job titles etc. Nowadays no prefer paper work everyone use software to maintain all record. Apptivo Software is a cloud-based system is very useful to manage all employees record etc. After creating candidates all information stored in software. To set the status for a bulk of candidates who applied for jobs like Approved, rejected, offered, interview scheduled. This status helps to know about the current status of candidates.



Candidates applied for jobs they all attend interview, at that time to collect details position information that is job title, date, industry, department, category, recruiter and description( note some words about candidate performance after the interview, anything your choice). HR easy notify how many of them attend the interview, under which industry & category, after review recruiter mention performance about candidates in this application it helps to select the right persons for the suitable position.



After interview how many of them selected they all are employees of the company. Then HR must to create employees it easy done in employees application, add employees details like ID, department, name of employee, date of joining, Email id, Manager name, for security purposes set an application access disable or enable that all are based on company choice and also add security roles that are view, edit, updates etc. All employees details maintained through this application.



If Human resource person needs to add additional department using this department application to create multiple of departments. Suppose an organization opens their new department, to create that department through this application and also recruit new candidates under this department or previously worked employees are allocated new department if possible that everything is company choice.




Using this HR Management system to manage employees at a time of applying for jobs up to employees relieve the company.



Business Promotional Apps

Promote your Business to many customers- Apptivo

Nothing is Impossible quotes means anything is possible in the world. At a newbie of business don’t know about anything that means not have enough experiences in a start-up business. They need some additional support from their employees and technology to improve business level. If they use any promotional application for business it helps to promote their business to many target audience. There are many application in outside but adapt to small business it’s very important notify in this application. Now see about cost affordable, suitable to start-up business is Apptivo campaigns Apps.

Generate Target audience list

Before launching campaigns you must create your target audience list in Target app. If you have the bulk of details in lead information, add this lead source to targets list. Enter your target list names, write some description, include categories based on your business and tags. After including all details of target list click create button. Targets list is preferred next you have to create sender address. Using Email templates to create your own message templates everything based on your choice.

campaings b1

Target List Leads details

Target List Information




How to Launch Campaigns?

It’s time to create new campaigns for launch, enter the name of campaigns, main important is the start date and end date of campaigns, include some description about campaigns and put tags these all are campaigns information. Next launch details contain email templates and from address. Use templates already created in email templates and enter sender mail address. Then add target list already created in Target app at last click launch button in overview page of campaigns apps. Once campaigns start it reaches to your target audience up to end date of campaigns.

campaings b5
Communication Status

After launching of campaigns you could track each and every moment status using this communication status option it shows how many of mail received by audience, opened, clicked..etc.

campaings b6.png

Email Quota

This email quota displays total email quota, used email, remaining email and purchased quota. It aid to display email quota status.

campaings b7.png


At the initial stage of business, it need promote too many audiences. Think new strategies to make your business standard level.

Inventory Management system

Inventory Management system for Wholesaler and retailers

Everyone day to day lifestyle increases like technology, purchasing style also new accessories, new brand, any discount offer for shirts at that time buy clothes at low price with two or more shirts. Most of the people like to buy a needed things in a single place. Big shops like shopping malls, supermarket etc. How shop owners manage all items details, purchasing details, delivery reports, and any exchange or damage items. Surely they need the online portal to manage all inventory.  Now we discuss Apptivo Inventory Management system and how it assists to manage all inventory and purchasing details.


Supermarket has variety of things available in their place, items details are very important then only it displayed for sales. Apptivo inventory management allows you to store tons of product details and you have a bulk of  items details in files to easily import within minutes. For example Dress, Shoes, Home appliances, perfumes, beauty care, food items(cheese, soups, chips..)etc. Bulk of items stored in the warehouse, log into Apptivo and click Item application it display many fields that are item name, price, tax code and adds categories of  items suppose enter LCD Tv, Ac, Washing machine it all come under home appliances so set category name as home appliances. Multiples of products stored in the item you want search any item information left navigation panel on item app click option by directory it contains alphabets click the first letter of an item name it shows results under you clicked alphabets. Export all item details in PDF format take a printout for references purposes.

inventory mgt tv.png


After entering all item details, person’s purchase many items. Now use order application to make customer order information, billing, product/items details, customers willing to deliver their purchased product to home, in this case collect customer address information then deliver the product. Another category sells products in online shopping, separate order in paid orders, unpaid orders, order awaiting for shipment and shipped orders. That all category helps to track items status. Also, view order status in booked order, canceled, created and closed. Order status helps to keep track of every item current status.

inventory mgt .png

inventory mgt status]

Shipment app

Once shipment process is completed then automatically inventory items count reduced. For example10 shirt, 5 watch, 1 LED Tv delivery to customer, items decreased in the total count of items available in the inventory.


Manage tons of items information and keep track of all purchase details using this software.

For more product information visit Apptivo blog

E-mail Tracking System

How to track mail send to customers with status?

I found some solution to track all mail send to customers for any business or non-business purposes. We can send the bulks of email to target audiences but tracking process is some difficulty. I am also facing this problem to tracking emails then searching for the solution in a lot of web sources. At last found software for tracking emails, that software is Apptivo. Using this software to send and track all emails with every moment update are automatically displayed. Let I explain about this software and how it track all emails.

Tracking Emails

Send emails to target audience for business purposes after sending emails, click communication status option inside Apptivo campaigns application. It contains some categories of mail status like Emails, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Blocked, Unsubscribe, Spam, and Bounced. This all categories have some criteria it count increase. Discuss one by one about this status.

Emails have shown how many emails send to target audiences. For example, If you send 1000 mail it displays count as 1000.

Delivered option for mail delivered to your target audience.

Opened for after receiving mails who all are open mail sent by the sender.

Clicked is any links are attached with mail it viewed by the receiver that counts increased in clicked category.

Blocked option is audiences don’t like this mail or some other reason they block this mail. That emails all come under blocked category.

Unsubscribe  used for mail receivers not relevant or willing to receive incoming mail sent by the sender. To unsubscribe the mail next times no mail will come.

Spam count increased at a time of target audience put mail into spam.

Bounced is the person didn’t spend a time to view mail, simply open mail and leave within a second. This type all are comes under bounced category.

Workspace 1_213 (1)


Using Apptivo software to track your mail easily, time management is very important aspect in business fields. Manage your time and reduce your time for tracking mail with the help of Apptivo.



Manage organization finance in a single platform

How is it possible to manage organization whole finance in a single platform. Many technologies are developed with lots of features to satisfy customers requirements and also reduce their work stress. That service provided in cloud-based software with many integrated application. Using Apptivo finance management software to manage whole organization finance in a single platform. Now we explained about this finance software.


An organization provides multiple services to their customers like projects, web design, server maintenance, mobile apps etc. For their services/product send invoices, use Apptivo invoice to easily generate invoices based services offered to customers. To customize invoices with their choice because of other organizations have some different business plan and techniques so only customization option helps to create your choice invoices. Developing any project for any company within that also create invoices. Each project contains separate phase, every completion of phase to generate an invoice and send to customers. If you are want to give some days to pay their invoices to set a payment term(days), hourly basis also invoices produced, multiple currencies option available to enable multiple currencies. Same services offered to particular or set of customers to create recurring invoices and set the start & end date. Invoices automatically send to customers up to end date of recurring invoices. If customer not comfortable with cash payment make their payment in online payment gateways. Once customers pay for invoices to record payment it helps to know which customers paid and how many of them in due payment. For security purposes create multiples of privileges and set to employees who access the invoices.

invoice for blog

invoice for b1

Expense Reports

To manage expenses of organization with this Expense reports. For example, Buy computers and many things for the company to keep the record of bill and store receipts. Create multiples category to fill all expenses like PC, traveling allowances etc. Sales team visit many places to meet their clients for meetings, software deployment and give software demonstration. In this time travel, food and accommodation are essential so keep track and track of expenses using this expense reports. Also available in the mobile application so using their mobile to access this software.


Maximum before making the business deal, send quotation for business. If customers satisfy with their quotation then sign for business deals. Estimation application is used for creating quotation for business, send to your customers. They approve your quotation immediately status automatically updated to work order. Create estimation for products/services add many task and item in your estimation.

invoice for b2


Above features are the just introduction to Apptivo finance management software for more information about this software visit websites and follow on social media activity.

Blood Bank

CRM for Blood Bank Industry

Blood Bank is a place to collect blood from donors, separated into components transferred to needs of the patient. Blood Management has a perfect plan to collect the blood from the different donors and maintain day to day transactions activities. Using this CRM(Customer Relationship Management) software to register all the donors, blood collection details and blood transferred details etc. Let we show you something how Apptivo CRM software assists in managing every process of blood bank industry.

Donor’s Information

In the blood bank, donors information is very important and essential things, if they have a lot of donors details then only make contact with a consult person to ask for blood donation. So any platform is needed to store the bulk of details, but many of them use spreadsheet or document to store all details this is also one of the ways to store donor’s details. But some problems are arises any time like all details are stored in a single system. Suppose system details everything is deleted due to the system crash or some other reason. In this situation back up all your data is must, if you are storing all your details in the cloud-based system with more secure. Now I elaborate my discussion, that cloud-based system is the Apptivo software. Many integrated application helps to manage your working process, customers, keep records and lot of features are available in this software.

bulk import.png

Collect all donors details from various sources to store this information in the leads. Leads is an initial business entity that is donors details you have but that donor donate blood otherwise not willing to donate blood based on their willing. If they donate blood to convert this donor details into customers.


This conversion process helps to know peoples who all are donors and this option(now person not willing to donate blood, before they donate blood but 3 months not covered, taking a tablet for any health issues or strength, draw any tattoos etc). Store donor’s details with blood type because next time search for particular blood type use search or advanced search option to type your needed blood group it displays category under you typed. For example A+, AB- etc.

Mention donor blood donation date in their information field that option also available. This aid to after 3 to 4 month any urgency of blood needed to call the person who crossed 3 to 4 month of donating blood.




b5Tags option is available in this software, store donor details with tags like Blood group rare or normal. If you use this tags for the donor at a time searching with tags it displays all rare blood group details. For Example: Tags is Rare blood under AB-, O – ,etc and Normal blood group A+,B+ etc). Type rare blood group it shows details under how many of them stored in rare blood group categories. To reduce your time of finding donors details.


Track all blood transferred to needy using the opportunities, this is tracking all your sales activities. How many blood transferred to which hospital, blood type, cost. Creating your own customize field of sales stages based on your requirements.



Using Apptivo CRM to reduce your working time, manage all your working process without any burden, track and keep the record of business information.

Book Publisher

Process follow to manages Book publishers customers

Book publishers simply serve as the intermediary between the author of the publication and the consumer market. They manage both authors of the book and retailers. So book publishers face some difficulties to manage all process. But Apptivo CRM(Customer Relationship Management) helps to manage your all customers, tracking sales activities, report analysis and collecting all business leads. Let we elaborate about Apptivo software and how it helps to your fields.

Pre publish of Book

Before launching of the book, publishers make some ads or some promotional activities about their newly launched book. Through social media, blog post, create campaigns etc. Many customers willing to buy your book. But book launch date is not today in this situation collecting all person details and put it into leads. Lead is nothing but a first business entity. Suppose that person make the deals with your company now or some other days. So you can store all contact details etc it helps to know about who all are in leads category.


Post Launch of Book

After book launched, many retailers visit your company and buy the book. Now you can consider all peoples who make a business with your company is customers. Suppose already a person in leads nothing to worry you can easily convert your lead into customers.


Sales Tracking activity

Use opportunities in Apptivo CRM you can easily track your sales activities that made by your customer’s(retailers, etc). Tracking is very important aspects because publishers should know book sales. Performance wise tracking is the projection in sales and attainment in book sales. View different stages in sales that set by your business choice. Every 12 month’s sales tracking helps to make the decision of next release or planned to any improvement. Win analysis display all your win occur in which customer’s(retailer shop), book name. Loss analysis is the reason for loss occur, in which shop book sales is very less that all are displayed. Lead analysis shows leads conversion into customers. This information aid to keep all report analysis up to date.




Apptivo CRM helps to manage your customers, leads, tracking sales activities in stage by stage. If you want more details visit official websites and follow social media.

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