What kind of Time Tracking Tool is Fit for your Organization?

A lot of business still requires time tracking software for keep track of employee time. Almost you all are know about resources providers are plenty in count. So how can you get the suitable choice for your organization?

Let check with the trending stuff, one of the most trending and affordable technology is the cloud. Now check any one of the cloud solutions for manage your employee time.

We are going to go through some list of features

Generate Timesheets easily

Create your timesheets with perfect details of employees working on projects. This will be simple and more descriptive then only your customer easily understand timesheets. Some essential things are provide project name, employee name, date, tasks & hours, once all ingredients added now timesheet is ready to submit. It waiting for manager approval.


Filtering option for categories entire timesheets based on status like submitted, not submitted, approved, rejected, resubmitted. Click on any of these status, it displays the timesheets which are in clicked status.

For example: If you want all approved timesheets, simply click on approved status. It shows the results of approved timesheets.

This process reduce your time on searching and gather timesheets up to date status.

Integrate with Invoice

Some organization send invoices for their time to clients. Try to get on timesheets app integrate with invoices app. Because approved timesheets can easily converted to invoice. If is it possible only with the invoice integration otherwise go with other methods.


Some client would like to update weekly, monthly basis. So report features helps to gather employee report on monthly or weekly within that export features is like a bonus. It is time-saving features, you can view report for employees and also export data.

Make your own

If you don’t like to work on same set of design, make your own environment. This will be possible with the custom fields, if timesheets tool allow customize features. You can create timesheets creation page, view etc according to your choice or organization norms or based on customers etc.

Try to switch on suitable cloud-based Timesheets application for your organization. Don’t spend more on technology because many affordable tool are available.