The Reasons Why We Love Invoice Tool

Every business offers some set of products or services to their customers. That standalone process depends on customer’s requirements or any problem solving quest. If business dealing completely reached to development stage, now it’s time for send invoices to customers or may be before. Basic understanding of invoice generation is two way Manual and Invoicing Tool.


First method is manual, this process followed in past years and also it named as traditional method. If we go with the manual way, accomplishment will not be on time.  

Invoicing Tool

Invoicing tool is another way, through this method we can manage a lot of invoices devoid of work burden and difficulties. Many service providers are available on the market. It assists to take care invoice processes.

Main Reasons are

Invoicing tool has many useful features, each features are useful to manage accounting actions. That are

Recurring Invoices

If you’re making deal with the clients and offers same products or services. Now this is a perfect situation for use recurring invoices. Once set the appropriate information about invoices, invoice tool automatically send invoices till the mentioned end date. It reduce generate time on same invoice, so client can make payment quick as possible for invoices.

Reduce Paperwork

Try to go with the paperless work for manage invoice process. Because this digital world mostly like work more effective and also low as possible paperwork.

Payment Record

Once customers paid for invoices, record all payments features can helps to keep track all paid invoices.

Online Payment Method

Invoice tool integrated with online payment gateways make all transactions through these portal. Business clients happy with that methods, because of less time to pay for invoices.


Above reasons are few more instance apart from in depth a plenty can list out. Especially cloud-based invoice tool plays a major trend and many small business owners interesting to switch on with this type of tool.


Get rid of the technical stuff for business

As per business law, every business person should follow these rules and regulation in new startups, handle a business, buy and sell. They get some legal advice from any attorneys about business law. This is just small extra information need to know about business in before anyone starts a business. Next crucial things notify for business is technical stuff.

Technical Stuff

Even startup requires some technical support from any service providers. Mostly plan to invest small penny for getting the services. It all belongs cloud technology, web technology, open source technology and desktop applications. We can’t able to judge which platform is suitable for business because requirements are not same. So final decision is taken from depending on company norms or some other criteria.

Take a look at some list out stuff here.

Manage your projects teams

Project management tool assists to take care of processes included in projects. To keep project teams more effective and boost up your employee’s performance.

Handle customers information

If you’re looking for manage business smoothly, it’s all under in customer satisfaction. Because customers is a vital role for business growth.

Promotional Activities for business reach out

This activity for business promotion. Any brand, upcoming events, whatever it is reach out through emails. This techniques investment is low but sometimes return of investment is over the top.

Balance business accounts and overall financial transactions

I think manual work is outdated, so keep records of annual revenues, upcoming, outgoing expense through accounting software. It cut down the cost of accounts management.



What are the difficulties company facing in past and present days?

This is not easy to explain the list of work burdens, difficulties facing by any different fields of company. Because company processes are not same as possible so some common problems are mostly same as possible. We see about what are the crucial problems companies facing and how to solve these problems.

Older days

At company startup stages to keep managing all processes with mostly paperwork else followed some other techniques it depends on company. This stage is important for startup why I said like this, because company next level of moving is based on startup stages efforts and it reach out to many customers. Also, employees range is not in high, so do all works perfectly without miss anything. For this management process, think any strategic methods to reduce all paperwork.

Next one is collaboration, employees all are work together it increase more productivity, company revenues, growth and customer experiences. For communication, documents sharing, email, follow up, etc. These are some sample for collaboration, company everything is confidential data so it restricted for unauthorized persons. Don’t go for the single portal to do each work, it takes too much of times.

After that above difficulties, next sequence is accounting. Use spreadsheet for doing all invoices/billing, expenses reports, and estimation. Customers need different product/services so each time generates billing/invoices through usual way rise work burden. Suppose handling all bill generation easily next to keep all financial transactions, business expenses not easy to handle.

Company needs some promotional activity to reach out their products to many audiences. If normally send an e-newsletter, email, some are consider as spam. So before launch, it follows Spam Law Act. This marketing technique also essential for company.

But nowadays many companies don’t mostly prefer paperwork. They go with Google apps for work or any software for business.

Present days

At present company choose any software for managing all processes. They are facing difficulties how to choose the suitable software. If selects any software for company, suppose that software not fulfills company needs then company revenues, growth decrease.

How to solve these problem?

Before onto application. Try to take free starter plan of that application, then analyse this tool suitable your company or not. Better you can go with cloud-based software, cost is cheap, access more application and ease of use.

Above all difficulties solution everything available in a single platform, Apptivo. It suitable for who are all needs affordable business suites with integrated application.