How small Support Team can manage their customer problems?

Small business organizer provide their level of best customer support but due to some reasons it ends with the unexpected things. Customer support is crucial part of business that may be small or enterprises whatever it is but support is must. Still now plenty of small team need some assistance for manage their customer problems. In online marketplaces a lot of help desk resources available and also it can take care rest of these things.

Create client problems

If customers are coming for any assistance that time gather what are the difficulties facing by customers. Once customer problems are completely understand then developing team can get problem solving way as quickly without fail.

When you’re creating a new cases should fill the information like describe little more about problem, set the assignee who can allocate for solve the customer problems, date of resolve, client name, contact information, SLA’s.


Service level agreement feature is helps more for small support team. It helps to escalate cases to another team suppose any inconvenience will occur that will proceed depends on time basis. Some possibilities are Re-assign or Email case to Employee or Team or Assignee or Manager according to situation.

Email Authentication

Several help desk solution have collect cases through email feature. An email which are received in the authenticated email ID those are collected as a customer case. It may be feature request, customer feedback, issues or anything. So using business account track their customer problems, it is time-saving feature.

Case Report

Report contains entire activities up to date information, so no worry about keep track of every actions. Manager or any higher authorities can easily generate the report. Then analyze how many customer problems are solved, cases created and more.

Customer satisfaction leads small startups to next level of business that depends how company offers services and also support to their customers.

If you have any other suggestion for manage customer problems. Please let us know in the comment section.