This is a right time to reduce Manual process and improving systematic process

In our traditional days, every process is done by manual process. On that generation, mostly technology developments are most probably low. So all billings, employees details, tax information, expenses both spend and revenues, customer information, etc managed through manual. But it’s not possible quest to finish in very low of time, if any expert persons handle management processes it takes comparingly low time with beginners or little bit experienced persons. But now not like that situation, technologies plays a pivotal role in all fields. It is web-based, Saas, Cloud-based technology anything, above these many surveys tells about cloud technology taken by many small business owners.

For your convenient few examples, it clearly shows status of manual process


If industry employee strength is small count or huge count, employee maintenance is must. To keep daily record employees leaves and working days, store new recruited employee details, buy any new raw materials, productions details and more. These all are prolonging processes to handling with or spreadsheets or documents. Suppose put more employees for doing all process manually, company management cost increases. If annual revenues high so easily compensate else company profits everything decrease.


Next is hospital, per day many persons visit for check up, treatments, etc. This situation can’t manage with manual process. Many persons visits newcomers for treatments, first get the details about that persons then consult relevant doctors. Many processes are there some are scan reports, blood reports, treatment status. These all are not possible to control manual methods. It increases work burden of hospital staff, and sometime confusion may occur.


Steps to convert Systematic process

Well, many technologies are available these are developed for reducing human working time and improve more effective works. Better go with cloud technology, because it provides business suites with a lot of application. So employees management, records keeping, accounting, billing, expenses tracking, inventory handling, business estimations, whole task done in a single platform.

It reduces working time, increase revenues, employees all are works together.



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