Sales Tracking System

Essential needs for Every Sales Team

All company owns a group of employees for sales activity. They are going to handle each and every process of sales. A company recruit employee with more skills on sale management that person manage all sales teams exactly called as sales Managers or sales Lead or Sales Leaders. Whatever it is we called that based on the company. Sales managers have more skills to tracks all activity but do all works in a manual or paperwork it’s not possible in nowadays situation. So everything done with the help of sales tool helps to reduce the time of working for tracking process and many advantages are there. Let see one by one,

Performance Dashboard

Sales performance dashboard contains wholesales activity of company. It done by the sales teams through this portal sales managers easily track sales performance of individual, teams and all. 

Sales Stages

It depends on company policies, each stage of sales cost updated and sales managers know how our products sales increase from one stage to next stage of sales.

Win/Loss Analysis

This is analysis reports of sales, it also displays win & loss reasons, which sales assistant activity range is high & low. Through analysis reports you can track company sales processes and think new ideas to improve sales.

Per year Sales Tracking

For better company growth you must generate annual sales revenues. Reason is any lack of area is notifying, which month sales is high & low, etc. 


Every stages of sales is important for company growth, above all are essential dashboards for sales teams.       




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