Security Privileges and role based access for business application

All business owners or entrepreneurs runs their business in some set of technical flow and give more importance for data security. They don’t like data loss, leak confidential information and all related to company secrets. So business application service providers keep that in mind to develop the apps with more secure on both internal and external. How security privileges and role based access helps to secure company data and confidential information.  

What is security privileges and different ways of applying it to apps?

Security privileges assist you to give grant permission to allow particular or group of employees enter into the application and also do actions based on privileges allocate them. If particular employees have only access current working project. They don’t allow to view or do any actions in an another project data. Some example privileges are handle all projects, view/edit/update/delete access, sales tracking/analysis report access, handle all contacts in CRM, invoice/billing generation access, business expenses records access and more privileges based on business needs you can create multiple of privileges.

How to apply Roles for employees?

Roles based access is a bulk of security privileges put together for employees like Project Managers have access to handle all employees working activity, do actions on the project and employees timesheets & billing, etc. This is one example of roles for employees and also create multiples of roles for sales managers, employee manager, customer manager, super-user, etc. If we apply roles for team/employees they only view require informations other don’t allow to view it.


Mostly business peoples likes to securing company data from unauthorized persons. So before switch onto any business application try to check out how secure that business application after that fully apply into your business.  


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