Warehouse Management

How business software nurture clothing warehouse activity?

A warehouse is a place to store tons and tons of product. Every product distributes from warehouse to some other storage location(small Godown). Retail shopkeepers or big dealers easily pick the products in nearby storage location after placing their orders. Warehouses are used by importers & exporters, manufactures, garments, etc. First, items comes from factory outlet to stores all product in the warehouse. Then people place an order for products, generate an invoice or billing based on product ordered by customers. Final step is items move onto shipping, these all are some operations in warehouses. Now we see about how to manage all process using Apptivo software.


Multiple clothes come from garments outlet, before sold every product to store item name, quality, quantity, size, price, etc. This information must be upload in the database before product order by customers. Using Apptivo Item apps to stores all products with complete details. To create multiples of categories like Formal dress, Party dress, Casual dress, etc. You can add multiples of dress categories based on your garments productions. Suppose you need details about any particular items using directory option click first letter of products, it displays results under clicked alphabets. It reduces your time of searching items.


Customer Management

After storing process complete, it’s time for sell products to customers. Many customers placing order before products come to warehouses. No need to go another option for manage your customers. Using Apptivo CRM software to stores all your customers information. It assists to manage your customers, track their sales performance and easily get sales analysis reports. Analysis report displays which categories of dress most of the peoples like to buy and dress sale very less categories, etc.


Order placing & shipping

This is a right time to place order because almost all process are completed. Using Apptivo orders apps, to place orders for products. You need to fill details before make your order like order name, customer information, billing/ shipping information, product details(quantity, name), payment information, payment method and credit card information. Customers transfer their payments through online payment gateways, some of them are PayPal, Authorize.net, Wire Transfer, etc. Once order placed then automatically product count reduced in the items app. Next product delivered to customers.

order apps




Warehouse management is not an easy work. To manage multiples of product details sometime it may confuse the employees. So using inventory management software to manage all process without any confusion.

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