Human Resource Management System

Human resource is the person who selects candidates for an organization, choose the right person for the right position, manage organization needs and properly maintain proper relations with laborers, employees health and welfare, career development, design innovative workflow, employees training and development program etc. New employees enter into organization up to employees relieve, many works for the human resource manager .If they use any management system to reduce work of manage all process. Now we see about Apptivo Human Resource Management system.


Persons apply for jobs in the organization first of all collect all personal details, qualification, working experience or freshers, job titles etc. Nowadays no prefer paper work everyone use software to maintain all record. Apptivo Software is a cloud-based system is very useful to manage all employees record etc. After creating candidates all information stored in software. To set the status for a bulk of candidates who applied for jobs like Approved, rejected, offered, interview scheduled. This status helps to know about the current status of candidates.



Candidates applied for jobs they all attend interview, at that time to collect details position information that is job title, date, industry, department, category, recruiter and description( note some words about candidate performance after the interview, anything your choice). HR easy notify how many of them attend the interview, under which industry & category, after review recruiter mention performance about candidates in this application it helps to select the right persons for the suitable position.



After interview how many of them selected they all are employees of the company. Then HR must to create employees it easy done in employees application, add employees details like ID, department, name of employee, date of joining, Email id, Manager name, for security purposes set an application access disable or enable that all are based on company choice and also add security roles that are view, edit, updates etc. All employees details maintained through this application.



If Human resource person needs to add additional department using this department application to create multiple of departments. Suppose an organization opens their new department, to create that department through this application and also recruit new candidates under this department or previously worked employees are allocated new department if possible that everything is company choice.




Using this HR Management system to manage employees at a time of applying for jobs up to employees relieve the company.




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