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Promote your Business to many customers- Apptivo

Nothing is Impossible quotes means anything is possible in the world. At a newbie of business don’t know about anything that means not have enough experiences in a start-up business. They need some additional support from their employees and technology to improve business level. If they use any promotional application for business it helps to promote their business to many target audience. There are many application in outside but adapt to small business it’s very important notify in this application. Now see about cost affordable, suitable to start-up business is Apptivo campaigns Apps.

Generate Target audience list

Before launching campaigns you must create your target audience list in Target app. If you have the bulk of details in lead information, add this lead source to targets list. Enter your target list names, write some description, include categories based on your business and tags. After including all details of target list click create button. Targets list is preferred next you have to create sender address. Using Email templates to create your own message templates everything based on your choice.

campaings b1

Target List Leads details

Target List Information




How to Launch Campaigns?

It’s time to create new campaigns for launch, enter the name of campaigns, main important is the start date and end date of campaigns, include some description about campaigns and put tags these all are campaigns information. Next launch details contain email templates and from address. Use templates already created in email templates and enter sender mail address. Then add target list already created in Target app at last click launch button in overview page of campaigns apps. Once campaigns start it reaches to your target audience up to end date of campaigns.

campaings b5
Communication Status

After launching of campaigns you could track each and every moment status using this communication status option it shows how many of mail received by audience, opened, clicked..etc.

campaings b6.png

Email Quota

This email quota displays total email quota, used email, remaining email and purchased quota. It aid to display email quota status.

campaings b7.png


At the initial stage of business, it need promote too many audiences. Think new strategies to make your business standard level.


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