Inventory Management system

Inventory Management system for Wholesaler and retailers

Everyone day to day lifestyle increases like technology, purchasing style also new accessories, new brand, any discount offer for shirts at that time buy clothes at low price with two or more shirts. Most of the people like to buy a needed things in a single place. Big shops like shopping malls, supermarket etc. How shop owners manage all items details, purchasing details, delivery reports, and any exchange or damage items. Surely they need the online portal to manage all inventory.  Now we discuss Apptivo Inventory Management system and how it assists to manage all inventory and purchasing details.


Supermarket has variety of things available in their place, items details are very important then only it displayed for sales. Apptivo inventory management allows you to store tons of product details and you have a bulk of  items details in files to easily import within minutes. For example Dress, Shoes, Home appliances, perfumes, beauty care, food items(cheese, soups, chips..)etc. Bulk of items stored in the warehouse, log into Apptivo and click Item application it display many fields that are item name, price, tax code and adds categories of  items suppose enter LCD Tv, Ac, Washing machine it all come under home appliances so set category name as home appliances. Multiples of products stored in the item you want search any item information left navigation panel on item app click option by directory it contains alphabets click the first letter of an item name it shows results under you clicked alphabets. Export all item details in PDF format take a printout for references purposes.

inventory mgt tv.png


After entering all item details, person’s purchase many items. Now use order application to make customer order information, billing, product/items details, customers willing to deliver their purchased product to home, in this case collect customer address information then deliver the product. Another category sells products in online shopping, separate order in paid orders, unpaid orders, order awaiting for shipment and shipped orders. That all category helps to track items status. Also, view order status in booked order, canceled, created and closed. Order status helps to keep track of every item current status.

inventory mgt .png

inventory mgt status]

Shipment app

Once shipment process is completed then automatically inventory items count reduced. For example10 shirt, 5 watch, 1 LED Tv delivery to customer, items decreased in the total count of items available in the inventory.


Manage tons of items information and keep track of all purchase details using this software.

For more product information visit Apptivo blog


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