E-mail Tracking System

How to track mail send to customers with status?

I found some solution to track all mail send to customers for any business or non-business purposes. We can send the bulks of email to target audiences but tracking process is some difficulty. I am also facing this problem to tracking emails then searching for the solution in a lot of web sources. At last found software for tracking emails, that software is Apptivo. Using this software to send and track all emails with every moment update are automatically displayed. Let I explain about this software and how it track all emails.

Tracking Emails

Send emails to target audience for business purposes after sending emails, click communication status option inside Apptivo campaigns application. It contains some categories of mail status like Emails, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Blocked, Unsubscribe, Spam, and Bounced. This all categories have some criteria it count increase. Discuss one by one about this status.

Emails have shown how many emails send to target audiences. For example, If you send 1000 mail it displays count as 1000.

Delivered option for mail delivered to your target audience.

Opened for after receiving mails who all are open mail sent by the sender.

Clicked is any links are attached with mail it viewed by the receiver that counts increased in clicked category.

Blocked option is audiences don’t like this mail or some other reason they block this mail. That emails all come under blocked category.

Unsubscribe  used for mail receivers not relevant or willing to receive incoming mail sent by the sender. To unsubscribe the mail next times no mail will come.

Spam count increased at a time of target audience put mail into spam.

Bounced is the person didn’t spend a time to view mail, simply open mail and leave within a second. This type all are comes under bounced category.

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Using Apptivo software to track your mail easily, time management is very important aspect in business fields. Manage your time and reduce your time for tracking mail with the help of Apptivo.



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