Manage organization finance in a single platform

How is it possible to manage organization whole finance in a single platform. Many technologies are developed with lots of features to satisfy customers requirements and also reduce their work stress. That service provided in cloud-based software with many integrated application. Using Apptivo finance management software to manage whole organization finance in a single platform. Now we explained about this finance software.


An organization provides multiple services to their customers like projects, web design, server maintenance, mobile apps etc. For their services/product send invoices, use Apptivo invoice to easily generate invoices based services offered to customers. To customize invoices with their choice because of other organizations have some different business plan and techniques so only customization option helps to create your choice invoices. Developing any project for any company within that also create invoices. Each project contains separate phase, every completion of phase to generate an invoice and send to customers. If you are want to give some days to pay their invoices to set a payment term(days), hourly basis also invoices produced, multiple currencies option available to enable multiple currencies. Same services offered to particular or set of customers to create recurring invoices and set the start & end date. Invoices automatically send to customers up to end date of recurring invoices. If customer not comfortable with cash payment make their payment in online payment gateways. Once customers pay for invoices to record payment it helps to know which customers paid and how many of them in due payment. For security purposes create multiples of privileges and set to employees who access the invoices.

invoice for blog

invoice for b1

Expense Reports

To manage expenses of organization with this Expense reports. For example, Buy computers and many things for the company to keep the record of bill and store receipts. Create multiples category to fill all expenses like PC, traveling allowances etc. Sales team visit many places to meet their clients for meetings, software deployment and give software demonstration. In this time travel, food and accommodation are essential so keep track and track of expenses using this expense reports. Also available in the mobile application so using their mobile to access this software.


Maximum before making the business deal, send quotation for business. If customers satisfy with their quotation then sign for business deals. Estimation application is used for creating quotation for business, send to your customers. They approve your quotation immediately status automatically updated to work order. Create estimation for products/services add many task and item in your estimation.

invoice for b2


Above features are the just introduction to Apptivo finance management software for more information about this software visit websites and follow on social media activity.


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