Blood Bank

CRM for Blood Bank Industry

Blood Bank is a place to collect blood from donors, separated into components transferred to needs of the patient. Blood Management has a perfect plan to collect the blood from the different donors and maintain day to day transactions activities. Using this CRM(Customer Relationship Management) software to register all the donors, blood collection details and blood transferred details etc. Let we show you something how Apptivo CRM software assists in managing every process of blood bank industry.

Donor’s Information

In the blood bank, donors information is very important and essential things, if they have a lot of donors details then only make contact with a consult person to ask for blood donation. So any platform is needed to store the bulk of details, but many of them use spreadsheet or document to store all details this is also one of the ways to store donor’s details. But some problems are arises any time like all details are stored in a single system. Suppose system details everything is deleted due to the system crash or some other reason. In this situation back up all your data is must, if you are storing all your details in the cloud-based system with more secure. Now I elaborate my discussion, that cloud-based system is the Apptivo software. Many integrated application helps to manage your working process, customers, keep records and lot of features are available in this software.

bulk import.png

Collect all donors details from various sources to store this information in the leads. Leads is an initial business entity that is donors details you have but that donor donate blood otherwise not willing to donate blood based on their willing. If they donate blood to convert this donor details into customers.


This conversion process helps to know peoples who all are donors and this option(now person not willing to donate blood, before they donate blood but 3 months not covered, taking a tablet for any health issues or strength, draw any tattoos etc). Store donor’s details with blood type because next time search for particular blood type use search or advanced search option to type your needed blood group it displays category under you typed. For example A+, AB- etc.

Mention donor blood donation date in their information field that option also available. This aid to after 3 to 4 month any urgency of blood needed to call the person who crossed 3 to 4 month of donating blood.




b5Tags option is available in this software, store donor details with tags like Blood group rare or normal. If you use this tags for the donor at a time searching with tags it displays all rare blood group details. For Example: Tags is Rare blood under AB-, O – ,etc and Normal blood group A+,B+ etc). Type rare blood group it shows details under how many of them stored in rare blood group categories. To reduce your time of finding donors details.


Track all blood transferred to needy using the opportunities, this is tracking all your sales activities. How many blood transferred to which hospital, blood type, cost. Creating your own customize field of sales stages based on your requirements.



Using Apptivo CRM to reduce your working time, manage all your working process without any burden, track and keep the record of business information.


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