Book Publisher

Process follow to manages Book publishers customers

Book publishers simply serve as the intermediary between the author of the publication and the consumer market. They manage both authors of the book and retailers. So book publishers face some difficulties to manage all process. But Apptivo CRM(Customer Relationship Management) helps to manage your all customers, tracking sales activities, report analysis and collecting all business leads. Let we elaborate about Apptivo software and how it helps to your fields.

Pre publish of Book

Before launching of the book, publishers make some ads or some promotional activities about their newly launched book. Through social media, blog post, create campaigns etc. Many customers willing to buy your book. But book launch date is not today in this situation collecting all person details and put it into leads. Lead is nothing but a first business entity. Suppose that person make the deals with your company now or some other days. So you can store all contact details etc it helps to know about who all are in leads category.


Post Launch of Book

After book launched, many retailers visit your company and buy the book. Now you can consider all peoples who make a business with your company is customers. Suppose already a person in leads nothing to worry you can easily convert your lead into customers.


Sales Tracking activity

Use opportunities in Apptivo CRM you can easily track your sales activities that made by your customer’s(retailers, etc). Tracking is very important aspects because publishers should know book sales. Performance wise tracking is the projection in sales and attainment in book sales. View different stages in sales that set by your business choice. Every 12 month’s sales tracking helps to make the decision of next release or planned to any improvement. Win analysis display all your win occur in which customer’s(retailer shop), book name. Loss analysis is the reason for loss occur, in which shop book sales is very less that all are displayed. Lead analysis shows leads conversion into customers. This information aid to keep all report analysis up to date.




Apptivo CRM helps to manage your customers, leads, tracking sales activities in stage by stage. If you want more details visit official websites and follow social media.

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