Apptivo Invoice

Invoice Services for pharmacy company

Pharmacy is a medicine preparing company and distributes to medical shop. They serve for patients who were in need of medicines. Make their pharmaceutical drugs with more safe and effective. Once drugs are prepared next it sold to countless medical shop. All product delivered to consult medical shops next steps is billing. Service provided to your customer based on that generate a invoice. In this places some difficulties happen but we solve this trouble very easy manner. Let’s follow my solution techniques.


Your company product delivered to the multiple of your customers. One customer needs some quantity of product other customers want the huge amount of products. In this case, generate invoice is different. If you use Apptivo Invoice Software  without any work burden create an invoice and send to your customers.

Important things included in your Invoice

Creating invoice for your Services(any delivery, urgent transfer of product) and Items ( your products sell to customers).


Invoice details

Invoice number is automatically generated then mention your customer name and sales rep, billing address, email id, contact details and write some notes to your customer like any discount for this product or any offer. This is very important section add on services provided to customers. Include task name, how many hours were taken to complete task and rate. Suppose multiple services provided to same customer separate option is available click on Add row option immediately additional row displayed through you can add multiple tasks.



Next part is product details to add medicine name, code, the number of quantity and medicine rate. This also same additional product add option is available so same procedure follow to add multiple products. Once creation process completes within single click to mail this Invoice.



Recurring Invoice

Sometimes the same set of service provided to any medical shop with a certain time period. No need to create same Invoices, again and again, Apptivo won’t allow our customers in work burden. Create a recurring invoice set repeat every day, week, month and years. Mention start date and end date up to end of date invoices send automatically.



Reduce your paperwork or sheet calculation for billing and Invoices. Use Apptivo software to managing all your customers without any burden.




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