CRM for online shopping

How to manage different sales stages in online shopping

Let imagine one thing go back to 10 years on that times peoples directly visit the shop and buy needed items. If they want to purchase more different items all are not there in the same shop. Move onto another shop buy things, it takes more time to purchase all different categories of items. Now the situation is changed in shopping many websites developers are buildup online shopping websites to reduce people’s times and money. Various sales stages are there in the online shopping, let’s see about it.


People directly visit online shopping websites to order things but purchase categories into different sales stages. First-time peoples visit sites but only lookout all items list and compare pricing. Before login to websites, it requires visitors details. This is an initial entity to business, future sales leads are converted into customers. To manage all process it’s not an easy to do it. In this situation, Apptivo handles all sales stages, sales leads, win analysis, the analysis in stage by stages etc.


Sales planning

Online shopping site owners set a quota for each and every product. This is one of the stages because many visitors view 3600 of a product. A count increased in particular product viewers.


This is one of the sales stages, it contains a total number of visitors viewing particular products. So easily analyze how many of them view product it shows bar graphs of each and every product pipeline stages.



It represents the different sales planning of products

Sales funnel

Sales funnel is used to view your sales cycles in visual representation. Online shopping having several sales stages like the search for category(clothes, accessories etc), choose the product, put into the cart, purchase, arrival, return(incase of any defects or unordered product shipped). Apptivo assist to view different sales stages of your business. It helps to make a decision in which sales stages lack it reduces product sales. Next times improve lacking area of sales stages to increase more sale.

Customize a sales stages based on your business. That also available in Apptivo software.


Year wise Analysis

Customers sales graphical representation per year wise also showed to view in which month product sales in peak level, normal sale, ground level. After viewing of this analysis report clearly know about monthly pipelines amount for your product sales.



Win Analysis  

This features help to track all your win occur in product sales. Customize the sales stages based on your business choice. It assists to show no of opportunities and amount of sales stages. Another important thing is top product winning sales, this aid to show product sales make a profit.

win analysis.png


Loss Analysis

Access this features you can view loss occur in product sales. In which product sales make our sales become the loss for your company. After looking at loss analysis, improve your lacking area next time increase product sales.

loss analysis


Apptivo CRM support your business and track all your sales opportunities. It reduces your time of analyzing about particular or every product sales. Many features and integrated apps also available. More information needed about our software visit our websites and view our social media activities
















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