Estimates App

How to send the quotation to web design company

Nowadays, business strategies increased rapidly based on business type send the quotation to the company. But some of the company faced problems to send business estimates. To overcome these obstacles, using the Apptivo Estimates application to generate sales quotes for your services and send this to web design company.


What is Estimates?

Estimates app is used to generate a sales quotes and provide this quote to the company. Once the quotation is approved by the company then status is automatically changed to quotes approved.


How Apptivo Estimates helps to send quotes?

Through Apptivo Estimates app to create the new Quotes based on services provided to web design company. After sending Estimates, it waits for approval of the company. When quotes is approved next start a workflow. Generate the quotes for web design layout services, here tasks options are available there so easily mention tasks, add multiple of tasks in a single estimates and how many hours worked for them.



Print as PDF

The company receiving the estimates after press the print PDF option estimates printed in PDF format. If the company is impressed in estimates, then approval process will occur next status updated to change requested.



When were you want to track the quotes in status wise to view in the left navigation panel and every single activities updated automatically.



Convert the estimates into Invoices, project. Company approves estimates next step to generate the invoice for services. Convert estimates into invoices within a second invoice generated and send the Invoice to web design company.  


Make sure Apptivo will adapt to your environment, any additional information needed visit official sites and other social media activities,,


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