Cases in Network Security

Our world moving very fast,see a world through a windows of Internet.Everything in today’s, we do in online so security is must to provide our data.That security method is Cryptography.


Cryptography is a method of securing information using encrypt and decrypt a data.It transmit the data into unreadable text so it can’t be read by any attackers or unauthorized person.


Cryptanalysis is a analyzing & breaking secure communication. It involves a analytical reasoning, determination and pattern finding. Cryptanalysis is also known as attackers.

How cryptography works?

A Cryptography algorithm works in combination of key.Two types of key used to encrypt and decrypt a data.Messages can be decrypted using public and private key.

User don’t know about attackers monitor their data and modify the information.

In this situation,we take this Active attack is a case.To manage a issues of attack coming from Internet intruders.

Cases App

Cases app is used to manage your all complaints,collecting customers issues as a tickets.This cases app for issue solving process.

More details click here  Cases App in Apptivo


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